My love of art was first inspired by my grandmother, who took the time to show me paintings as a young child and teach me about composition. She was a woman of faith. I remember how she would open the book of Ephesians at the dinner table and as she would read, her eyes would well up with tears. Although I didn't understand why, I knew she held a mysterious treasure.

It wasn't until college that I decided to pursue art. During my senior year, I worked in England as a nanny for the summer and I attended an art school in the south of France for the Fall. I remember standing in front of a Rembrandt in the Louvre amazed at how he was able to capture his love for his wife through line, value and shape.  While there, I painted in the countryside and participated in passionate discussions about Van Gogh's use of color. When I left, I realized that art would always be part of my life. Soon after, I moved to New York City to get a Masters Degree in Fine Art. It turned out to be the perfect place for artistic and spiritual formation.

I have since returned to the city I grew up in.  Nowadays, even though I am eager to pick up a paint brush and get out my paints, I have learned that making art is more than that. It's how I live, not just what I do. Picking out living room pillows, doing my dishes and even raising children, if done with patience and care, can be forms of making art.

While I enjoy painting landscapes, portraits and every day objects, it's God's living word that invigorates and refreshes me the most. My hope is to make art that reflects that love, art with beauty and purpose.