My love for art was first inspired by my grandmother, who took the time to show me paintings as a young child and teach me about composition. I also remember how she would open the book of Ephesians at the dinner table and as she would read, her eyes would glisten with tears. Although I didn't understand what it meant at the time, I knew she held a treasure.

It wasn't until college that I decided to pursue art. During my senior year, I worked in England as a nanny for the summer and I attended an art school in the south of France for the Fall. I remember standing in front of a Rembrandt in the Louvre amazed at how he was able to capture his love for his wife through line, value and shape.  While there, I painted in the countryside and participated in passionate discussions about Van Gogh's use of color. When I left, I realized that art would always be part of my life. Soon after, I moved to New York City to get a Masters Degree in Fine Art. It turned out to be the perfect place for artistic and spiritual formation.

I have since returned to the city I grew up in. Nowadays, I paint mostly with watercolor because of its ease, quick pace, and bold translucent color. Even though I am eager to pick up a paint brush, I have learned that making art is more than that. It's how I live, not just what I do. So whether I am standing at the sink doing my dishes, setting a table or in a busy season of raising children, I try to remember that, when done with gentleness and care, even those things can be forms of art.

I am always looking at light, but there is more to capture.  While I enjoy painting landscapes, portraits and every day objects, it's God's living word that enlightens. Therefore, my hope is to make art that reflects that love, art with beauty and purpose.